Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Friends,

I have had a difficult summer. I am sure many of you have figured that out by now.
I'm sorry for not being the greatest friend, sister, daughter and wife.
I know I haven't been myself and I'm trying to get better.
I've been having issues with FAITH.
So much so that I haven't even been in the mood to make wishes.
Wish-making to me is a leap of faith.
Well, I'm working on having more faith.
I have to.
I've been asked to give a talk on faith in church this Sunday.
Funny, considering I feel like I'm the last person who should be talking about it right now.
I always hear people say that a talk is more for them than the listeners and I think I'm feeling the same way right now.
I'm not going to say that in my talk though.
I'm telling you instead.
I love you all so much.
I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my world.
Thank you for bearing with me.
Fritzi Marie
p.s. Wish me luck


lindsey said...

i SO wish i could be there to hear you speak. you have the most amazing heart and spirit. put on your magical shoes. close your eyes. breathe. and the words will come. sending you all my love.


Kitty said...


You are amazing and you always make me feel better.
Thank you for being my friend.

love love love,

trippin said...

Good luck with your talk. I know you will do a great job. I wish I could be there as well. Devon was going to have to give a talk this weekend, but we will be in Cali for my grandma's 90th birthday. I know there have been many hard times in my life, the thing that gets me through is knowing that everything here is temporary. I might be depressed for the moment, but I know that feeling is only temporary that tomorrow will be a brighter day. It will be for you also; you have amazing things ahead of you. I love you Kat.

Katherine said...

I wish I could be there too. Out of all the topics that are available to speak on--it's so ironic that you are given that topic. I would look at it as a sign that you are being watched over and your Heavenly Father is very aware of all that you are struggling with right now. I know you'll give a great talk.:) I'll be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Speak from your heart and let the spirit direct the words coming forth. Faith is obedience to the Father in action. Father loves you and seeks to have you turn to Him in all things....be obedient to the commandments and honor the covenants that you have made with Him. You are my precious daughter. You are Father's precious spiritual daughter...blessings come through obedience to the Father.....not always in the way you expect....that's why counting your blessings (choose five each morning when you awake) keeps one in constant awareness of those blessings that are coming our way. Sharing as you have causes me to reflect on my own faith and how I would respond to such an opportunity as you have on Sunday when you speak on faith. I will be thinking about you and Dan. I love you. Mommy

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to know you Fritzi. Hugs, Katrina