Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daniels Birthday Day Celebration

We went to Gasworks Park for a birthday picnic in the Seattle sun.

Bono Baby loved watching the kites floating around in the air and the seaplanes landing on Lake Union.

Dan didn't have the best birthday ever but we plan to re-celebrate it later on.
We did go out for a lovely dinner with the family and Dan had his fill of sesame chicken.
Dan's list of things that make him happy really showed us how much he loves food.
The best part about his love for food is that he loves to cook too.
Lucky me.

Our fantastic view from our picnic spot.

I wasn't too happy with this ensemble.
Today was one of those days where my closet made me upset.

I wish I could have made his birthday perfect.
But, I have lots of years to make it up to him.
I am so happy that he is my best friend and he stands by me and my many moods.
I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband.

Happy Birthday Daniel
I love you times a million


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Daniel Dear...Happy Days will come to you all year.....if I had a wish that wish would be....a happy, happy birthday to you from me......Your picnic looked scenic, refreshing and enviable....beautiful wife, beautiful scenery, beautiful Bono, comfy looking blanket and a yummy looking cupcake with a burning candle. Today, thirty seven years ago Mom and Dad Morris were singing for joy that their little boy, Daniel, had joined the family. What a blessing!!!! Find time to give them a big will always be their "little boy" even though you are now a grown man with a PhD....our very own Dr. Daniel Morris. You have accomplished much and you will have opportunities to realize your "dreams" even more than you have already. Never give up, never give up, never give up. I had that sign up at work....Now I keep it in a shelf at "the cottage". Sometimes I look at it and am encouraged to go on to whatever the next step is.....I love you, Dan. You are my son,too. Keep smiling.....we are right behind you in your quest for your next of good cheer!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

@Kitty: If you can answer this question about you, you win!

What is one of you most fav things (not dan) in the world? You have 3 guesses and 1 has to be right.

Tick Tock

Unknown said...

how sweet! I especially love that bono baby joined in on the fun!

Kitty said...


I'm playing...

I'd say,
1. Bono Baby
2. Annie Bannie Beep Beep and Buffy Bear
3. Diet Coke

Katherine said...

Still laughing about how you closet upset you. I can't see why in that picture---you always look so good. But my closet does that to me on a regular basis.
I guess not every year can be the best birthday. Looks like you had a great view though and good company(BB). The birthday dinner sounds yummy too. Still thinking about you...good luck on your talks tomorrow. I always love coming home after a Sunday teaching or giving a talk. It's such a relief.

Anonymous said...

cannot believe you didn't get it right!

Although very good answers. they are not your standard favorites.

Hint...this is not a trick question


Kitty said...

This game SUCKS.

1. Circus Peanuts
2. Jammie Bottoms
3. striped sockie-footers

I think I need a hint. I have too many things that I love.

Love you Annie Bannie,


Anonymous said...

DANGIT! Is this my sister? This is actually pretty funny and now you HAVE to keep playing bc its SO easy (amd its so fun for me).

HINT: What do you blog about all the time?

Kitty said...

Oh, sh--!

I thought it would be Bono Baby.

But here goes:

1. Dan
2. Monrovia
3. Kitty in pretty clothes.

This is hard

Kitty said...


Anonymous said...


I'll just give it to you...

"If I made a 'blank' that 'blank' would be"

Kitty said...


What did I win?


love you Annie Bannie,