Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cross Country Road Trip 2009 Revisited
-So Long Polaroid Film-

Primitive Baptist Church
Cades Cove, Tennessee

Lynn's Paradise Cafe
Louisville, Kentucky

Crown Candy Kitchen
St. Louis, Missouri

Mississippi River
Nauvoo, Illinios

On The Road

Mount Rushmore
South Dakota

Richard Hugo Marker
Missoula, Montana

Columbia River
Vantage, Washington

Lake Union
Seattle, Washington

It seems like we were on the road forever ago. I finished up the last of our polaroid film. We did save two photos. I need to get one of Bono Baby in his raincoat and one of my Daniel.

Word is that Urban Outfitters and The Impossibe Project are going to make film available again.
That is good news.

I love a good, old fashioned, blurry, polaroid.
Especially one of myself. I think everyone looks dreamy on polaroid film.
It's like magic.

But, I sound too trendy right now.
So, I'm moving on to something else.
So long Polaroid film.
I wish you well with the hipsters.

Fritzi Marie


Anonymous said...

Just wondering....did you get the packages? I wanted you to be able to hear the tape before your talk tomorrow. If you did not get it yet, listen to it just for the fun of it. Sleep well, relax and I will be waiting to hear about your talk. I love you. Mommi

Kitty said...

Mommy Bear,

Dan got his package and he was super excited. He tried to call you but you must have been out on the town. The tape didn't come but I will listen to it when it does and I promiss to send it back too. I have my talk in my head, I'll write some things down tomorrow morning and I'm going to wing it. Hopefully, it will be okay. I'm most excited about having it be over with and going on a Sunday Adventure Drive. I miss you. Bono Baby isn't feeling well tonight. He has a tummy ache. Poor baby.
love you,