Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blueberry Sunday

Dan made the most amazing buttermilk blueberry pancakes this morning.
The blueberries were fresh from the backyard.
They were so GOOD.
They did leave me feeling like a big round blueberry though.
I threw on a comfy dress (which just happened to be my University of Utah graduation dress from 2001) and I think my little outfit was blueberry inspired.
A little blue here, a little purple there.
We went to see if any salmon had made their way to the Issaquah Fish Hatchery.
No fishies yet.
We can't wait for The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival.

p.s. Sorry, we couldn't share more photos, our camera battery died and we played a bit with Dan's camera on his phone

Happy Sunday Night
(all of my favorite shows are on tonight, yippee!)


Ashley said...

Hooray for blueberries! Fresh fruit makes me want to dance the cha cha!

Thank you for the tips. I definitely want to check out the estate sales. I need to be on that list! Also, I work in old town Pasadena off of Raymond and Del Mar. The restaurant I work at is the old Del Mar Train Station.

Norton Simon is just up the road. I went a few months back and I truly enjoyed it. I loved the Degas sculptures and the awesome Van Gogh pieces (I loved Mulberry Tree and the portrait of his brother)!! My word-what a gorgeous space to work! How did you like working there? Are you a curator?

P.S. I'm so glad we are now friends!

Katherine said...

I heard about those blueberry pancakes. They sound wonderful.
I would be excited for Salmon Days too if I were there.
LOVE good tv. Makes the day go even better when you know you've got good tv to look forward to.

lindsey said...

i have leftover blueberries. think dan will come over and fix us some pancakes? pretty please? i love sunday night tv!