Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are in the middle of a heatwave here in the NorthWest. We're HOT.
This keeps playing in my head.
I know this heat is nothing compared to the 3 summers we spent in Mississippi. But, still.
I'm not a summer girl and summer clothing is not my thing.
Bono Baby is helping me cope with the heat. He is a warm weather doggie and he knows a thing or two about being HOT.

Bono's rules for staying cool go like this:
1. Smile even if you have to fake it.
2. Go with your buddies to 7-11 for a cool beverage.
3. Tell your girl that she doesn't have to blow dry her hair because you have plans to air dry while hanging your heads out of the car window while on your way to 7-11.

4. Lounge in front of the fan and take a nap.
5. Share a Popsicle with a favorite friend.
Isn't Bono helpful?
Do you have any tips?
We thought about running through the sprinklers but Bono doesn't do sprinklers.

Fritzi Marie and Bono Baby


Katherine said...

Those really are some great tips. I love the idea of not blowdrying, but my hair would never look as good as yours and Bono's. Bono's smile in the picture in the car is the greatest.

Anonymous said...


Parker said...

Thank you friends.

kiss kiss,

Bono Baby