Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snorkel Buddies

We went swimming in Lake Sammamish today.
I jumped off the dock on a diving board.
We went snorkeling and I saw little fishies under my feet.
How FUN is that?!


lindsey said...

i'm loving your bathing suit. and FUN. next time i want pictures with snorkel mask.


lindsey said...

p.s. - extra points for that lake's name!

love and hugs

Katherine said...

SO FUN! Ah, the good ole days. I love that you guys did this. Cute swimsuit too!

Kristie said...

How fun! Joel and I have a classic pic from when we went snorkeling in Catalina. We have on the masks and everything. Some random vacationer asked if we wanted our picture taken. We said sure and he took a full body shot! What?! We look so nerdy! It's quite hilarious actually. Wow I really should get rid of that photo! ha!