Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here are some highlights from my 34th birthday.
Dan and Dad Morris surprised me with a trip to Boehm's chocolate. I got my favorite lady bug and bumble bee treats.

Daniel threw me a party.

Bono was invited and he dressed up as Nicely Nicely from Guys and Dolls. How appropriate.

Mom and Dad Morris helped Dan with the party but they were guests too.
Daniel is incognito in the photo's because he was busy behind the scenes.

My husband works "Magic." He can make any birthday amazing. Even one where Miss Kitty is a bit moody. I've been Rockin' The Boat lately and I need to lighten up.

I'm pretty sure that my wishes will come true this year.
Thank you to everyone for making me feel special yesterday.
It meant the world to me.


Katherine said...

I LOVE your pictures. So sorry that your package hasn't made it there yet. Darn that UPS. Glad you had a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Your birthday party looks like a happy event. I am so glad that you are part of a wonderful family!!! Tell them that I said "hello" and tell them how special they are.....and how thoughtful they are...their efforts are appreciated . I love you and miss you. Your Forever Mommy

lindsey said...

like katherine, i love the photos - they've got that 60's vibe to them. like you keep telling me, this is your year! wishes do come true. BELIEVE. o, and dan's a keeper. nice job on the party and food.


Kristie said...

What a cute party!!! I like your little chocolate treats!