Friday, July 10, 2009

Luck Be A Lady

I have big plans to watch Guys and Dolls this weekend. My Daddy would have me hole up in his office with him and we would watch Marlon Brando and Gene Kelly movies when I was down in the dumps. I need one of those nights. I think Dan will be okay with my plans.

I wish we could go back to this special day. I miss our Mississippi home right now.
I didn't think I would ever think that.

We do love Washington and we are having the most fun exploring our new state.
Bono is my best buddy. He loves his road trips.

This week, he met the Columbia River and a dinosaur at the Gingko Petrified Forest State Park.
We didn't stay too long because Bono is afraid of rattle snakes.

We found this little windmill and wished we could fix it up and make it a cupcake stand, full of all things Kitty and Bono and Dan too. How cute would that be?
Bono also went on his first museum outing. He was so surprized when they said he could come in. He looked at all the treasures and especially loved the vintage dolls. I think he thought they were creepy.

Then he went to Roslyn and walked past the Brick and wished that Holling Vincouer was there to say hello. Instead, Bono said hello to Marlon Brando and ran around in his yard.
Happy Weekend Dear Family and Friends
Kat, Dan, and Bono Baby


Roger and Melissa said...

That shot of you and BB and the Columbia River looks like Vantage... am I right?

The slowest gas pump ever used to be there. Likely replaced by now.

Did you stop in Ellensburg? (Home of Mark Pickerel) Or Kititas? (Home of the annual Keg Throwing Tourney)

It looked pretty dry. Hope Bono didn't get chapped lips.


Parker said...

We did stop in Ellensburg and Kititas. We also went to Vantage and ate at the cutest little diner. I hope Melissa gets home from Girls Camp soon.

Katherine said...

I'm afraid of rattlesnakes like Bono. I think some old dolls look creepy too. I guess Bono and I have a lot in common.