Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Boys and Potty Humor

We helped out at Cub Scout day camp today.
What an adventure!
Little boys are super cute.
One special young man wanted to set up a play date with us.
I'm sure you can tell by my frazzled hair that it was hot and the sun was shining.
That didn't seem to phase the little men.
They ROCK.
Happy Thursday Dear Friends


Laura said...

Seriously! I was outside reading yesterday for maybe half an hour - I always lie when I say how long I've been out because it's always longer than I'm meant to be out but telling you this defeats the point of the lie... anyway, I was outside for a while and came in, checked myself out to make sure husband wouldn't be mad if my face was a bit red. It wasn't red at all then this morning! BOOM! Bright red face! Like rudolph! Madness!
Is Washington growing on you? Sounds like it is.

Katherine said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the little boys. ( I think little boys are super cute too---just have a hard time with the heat.) I thought of you guys on Thursday. You're picture turned out great.