Saturday, July 04, 2009

Early Morning Flag To Do

We woke up early to go the 50th flag raising here in Issaquah. Bono accompanied us. He was the only puppy so we sat in the back row.

It was a very dignified event. We heard from the Mayor, a barbershop quartet and the State Attorney General.

Then we were treated to cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk.

We had a lovely morning.
Happy Fourth of July


Anonymous said...

Your morning sounds delightful. We went to the church for the Boy Scouts fundraising pancake breakfast. I saw Meredith Fiore and Sarah. However, Sarah is married and pregnant. Her husband is the father of a girl about seven, I think. Her husband is fair with reddish hair. They live in Columbia, Mo. Buffy went over to Annie's place. She has been an amazing help during her short visit. Maybe I am guilty of giving her too many chores....she seems so willing and I am so "needy". The time together has been wonderful. She has to leave in the morning. Have fun all day and enjoy all the sparkle and delight of our Independence Day. Say "hello" to the family.....I love you. Mommy

Kristen said...

What a great way to start the day - I'm sure Bono was very well behaved in hopes of a nibble of cinnamon roll.

Katherine said...

I thought about you guys yesterday. I love the annual flag raising. Sounds like it was very dignified this year. I don't remember so many higher-ups coming in the past. I have many good memories of my past 4th of July mornings there.
You look so cute in your red, white, and blue. I'm excited to see your pictures from Gasworks Park. I was thinking of you guys yesterday.