Monday, July 06, 2009

Cancer Babies and Hotsy Totsy Mommy's

My dear friend Marjorie is having a baby this month. Here are her pin up photo's to prove it.
She is so BEAUTIFUL.

I love how Baby Ike is hiding out in the photo's.
I'm hoping that Baby Ike's new little brother will be born on my birthday.
That way I can spoil him extra.
Marjorie, all our thoughts and wishes are with you right now.

p.s. My Jeannine-Friend had a baby girl on July 3rd.
Welcome to the world Baby Adalyn Marie.

Baby Devon,
If you read this, tell your Mommy that I love her so so so so much.

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends who pave the way to Mommyhood for me.

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Midge said...

Your welcome to spoil him as much as you want, even if he doesn't come on your birthday! jk. I need your new address, will you email it to me Birthday girl.