Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Wishes To YOU, and YOU, and YOU, and YOU.

We have big plans for this weekend.
We plan to watch Gone With The Wind.
I'm going to read my book.
We have a shin dig to go to tonight at a friend's house.
I think we're going to make bread.
We have plans for a slumber party on the deck with little Bono (and the fat squirrels and stellar jays).
We get to meet up with friends for lunch in Seattle tomorrow.
I have high hopes for this weekend.
I'm looking forward to trips to the park with Dan and Bono most of all.
Happy Weekend Friends
Hey, what are you guys up to this weekend?
I'm nosey.


Laura said...

The Skagit Valley highland games are tomorrow. That's where I plan to be :D

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

Love the picture!

Bonnie and Nick said...

I'm going to take Rachel to renaissance ice cream and either read or do some wedding planning... or both! That reminds me; Melissa said you found something on the internet that would interest me.

Katherine said...

SO jealous about you having a slumber party out on the deck. What a good idea. Today Tyler had his last soccer game with a pizza party right afterwards. Nicole won lunch and a movie with her school teacher today. So she was at that while we did all of the soccer stuff. Now we need to scoot her off to a birthday party. I also have visiting teaching interviews this weekend. I think I'm going to try to squeeze a trip to Costco in somewhere too.

Katherine said...

A little clarification on my comment---Nicole won the lunch and movie with her teacher a little while ago. She and a friend went to the lunch and movie today with her teacher and some other students and teachers. They saw "Up" and loved it. I haven't seen it, but everyone that I've talked to has loved it.

Anonymous said...

I am still in Oregon and the weekend started with a college graduation for my little brother (this makes me feel super old). Then a party for him. Saturday was chopping down a huge tree in our front yard, which means that I ran a chainsaw, woot. Then we picked out a grill for my dad for Father's day and went fishing. I got three fish, but they were all junk fishies. Sunday means that we are going out of town to see my great aunt, great grandma and a