Monday, June 08, 2009

Tippie Tippie Toe Toe

I've been featured on Gypsy Feet today. How thrilling.
As many of you already know, I documented my adventures in Mississippi with footwear.
Now, I'm documenting my adventures in Washington.
Hooray for pretty shoes and happy feet.

Gypsy Feet,
Thank you for making my whole week.


Laura said...

Ooooh! Washington is the birthplace of Gypsy Feet, don't you know?

lindsey said...

i love that your feet/shoes are telling the story. adds that air of mystery. congrats! and i loved the write-up.


brittany said...




I want to start documenting my adventures like that. (they might be half bare feet, but that's okay, too, right?)

Kristen said...

How cool is that?! Love it.

Katherine said...

Oooh--how cool to see you on there. Now I'm cool because I know you. :)
I'm excited to see your adventures in WA.