Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime Treats

My favorite thing about summer is a good Big Stick and a box of Otter Pops.
Both of which were not available in Mississippi.
Well, my favorite popsicle's (from my youth in California) are available in Washington.
Oh, happy day.
What is your favorite summertime treat?


Anonymous said...

I like a root beer float popsicle or a fudge banana bomb pop.

Let's go find the ice cream truck.


trippin said...

Big sticks are my favorite as well. They used to sell them every friday at my elementery school for 25cents. I would beg my mom for a quarter.

lindsey said...

rootbeer/coke floats, otter pops (sam's favorites), snowcones, creamsicles, fudgesicles, ice cream sandwiches, and anything ben and jerry! i'm with dan, bring on the ice cream truck!


Martha said...

Pace fruit pops and root beer floats. MMM.

April D said...

mmm Ice cold watermelon! Fresh strawberry pie, Sno cones (cherry flavored for me please)! And of course, I always love a cupcake :) LOL - Oh I just discovered this place in Baton Rouge that two italian guys just opened up...italian Gelato!!! MMMM Too many good treats.