Thursday, June 04, 2009

Red Roses For A Blue Lady
-Vic Dana

I'm on the hunt for the perfect red dress.

Why? Because I want one.

The hunt is on.
Are any of you on the hunt for something special?
Maybe I can help.


Parker said...

I think I like the 3rd one the most.
Just sayin'.

hugs to all,

Dyan said...

I'm more partial to the first one. though you'd look smashing in any of the 3!

Anonymous said...

I think it is favorite.....A good seamstress could come in handy. Bono looks great. I have been working in the garden area....nothing planted, just digging out the weeds and putting in more soil. I told CJ that it is my therapy....I love working in the dirt....a country girl at heart. Did I tell you recently how delighted I am with Uncle Bud's cabinet and where you and Dan so magnanimously placed it. I still marvel at your strength. Bless you both for being so kind and thoughtful to go out of your way to pick those items up in Missouri, then to load and unload them. I will be eternally grateful.....those items bring a sense of "home" into our home. Others may not understand that, but I know how I feel and I feel closer to my parents with some of their belongings around me. Maybe that is why we have those pieces of Grandfathers....Glenn felt closer to his parents, as he knew them in his early youth,because of the fond memories those pieces evoked. Just a thought...nothing concrete. Hug the men in your life, Kat, namely Dan and Bono (Dad Ross) if he and Mom Martha have not left yet on their trip.I love you......Mommy

Anonymous said...

Kat, I looked fav is really #2, the two piece. Thought you should know. Yes, about the dress you wore in an earlier picture.....I love that one on you. I will show you a picture of me in a dress similar in style when I find it...not as cute as yours, but still cute. About Riz's belt. I once wore a similar belt, elastic with a neat closure in the front....if only I had saved those things!!!!! I love all of you. Mommy

Bonnie and Nick said...

My fave is the 3rd one. It looks really good on the person who is wearing it but I never look good in that kind of neck line.