Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Happy Little Family

Today we went to BurgerMaster because Dan needed a treat. I liked that it was a drive-in but I still love my grilled cheese from In-N-Out better. Just sayin'.

Then we went to the park. We played hard.

Bono made friends with some other puppies. This is a BIG deal for Mr. Bono.
This may mean that he can meet Bug and Rizzo soon.
We can't wait for that to happen.

Sorry about the Bono-centric blog posts as of late.
I think he is about the cutest thing EVER.
We're so happy to have a little one to ooh and aah over.
These are our "I'm sorry, but not really" facial expressions.


Laura said...

I think Bono is the cutest thing and I'm an animal person at all. So that's saying something. Something amazing!

We just left little Rexburg in April. My Mr A graduated. It was our first home together and I miss it quite a bit. We're in Marysville which seems to be quite close to you, wherever you are.

Here's to Rexburg AND LDS linkup!

Kristen said...

I do that "not really sorry" face daily to my kids. Too funny.Sounds like you are having lots of fun making up time with Bono!

Katherine said...

You are so funny(said with expression). I love your posts. I also love how Bono is "smiling" in all of his pictures.
I would have to say my favorite animals are cats(including you too), but there are so many others that come in a close second. You wouldn't know it by coming to my home, since we only have 2 fish---but I love animals. I get such a kick out of the birds that come to eat in our yard. I love socializing with the neighborhood animals. I'm probably a lot like Dan when it comes to animals. You know how he is...:)