Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Otter, Come Live With Me In My Treehouse.

When an otter is like music in a special on TV
and not a whiskered stranger you have met.
-Kim Stafford
check it on KUOW

My favorite animal list goes like this. Baby Bono is my favorite animal in the whole world. But my second choice is the OTTER.
Dan's favorite animal is the CAT. He says any kind of cat is up his alley (including me).
I think the favorite animal question is very telling.
Do any of you feel like sharing your favorite animal with us?
p.s. I have big dreams of one day having a treehouse to use as my getaway/art/project room.
Dan shared this article on treehouses with me and I'm itching to get this book.
I know, I know, we probably should get a house first.


Katherine said...

I read your last two posts and put my favorite animals thoughts in the second post---I got mixed up. I had no idea about your love for otters. I can see why though. I want to squeeze those cute little things. Well, I want to squeeze most animals that I see(in a nice way).

lindsey said...

i used to read sam all the thornton burgess animal stories. she loves, loves otters! and i adore tree houses and lighthouses. would love to live in either one! i love what you want to turn yours into. i am both a cat and dog person. mark is more a dog person. as a result of having both, the house needs a lint brush.


Bonnie and Nick said...

I’m not sure what would be considered my “favorite” animal, but I like arthropods the best I think.


Kristen said...

Starfish. Hands down. I love those little happy floating creatures.

Sea otters are the cutest - they remind me of Cannery Row in Monterrey and my honeymoon.

Next to that would be dogs. But not dog breath.

Stephanie said...

My kittens are the best, but if I could have a pet sloth, I would name him Slo-Mo Joe and carry him around on my back.