Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's The Little Things

My Daniel is my best friend.
I watched him in 7-11 last night and I was reminded once again that I married the perfect man.
Bono and I were waiting in the car for Dan while he was getting me a caffeine free Diet Coke (I've been off the good stuff for over two months). When he realized that my beverage was out he told the nice little man who was working there and then I saw them both go in the back room. A few minutes later, Dan appeared with my soda.
The nice little man didn't know how to change the soda so Dan taught him how.
It was so cute to watch the transaction from the truck.
They smiled at one another and Dan thanked the cute little man.
Kitty's soda was on him.
I love the little things that happen everyday with my Daniel.


Roger and Melissa said...

First comment! This is technically the first week of summer. A fine reason to celebrate.
Book suggestion "Brave New World" I just started it. Creepy.
It's been 100+ degrees in Hattiesburg. Poor souls.
Hi Dan.


Kristen said...

So true so true...any man who knows how to order "my drink" is a dear in my heart for life. Cute that your Daniel knew how to teach the man what to do!!

Katherine said...

I love that! Nice Dan. I like that he was so nice to the little man too.

Anonymous said...

Off the good stuff? How oh how did you get off? I was off for years and now I'm completely and totally back ON. I get a headache in the morning without it. I must get off. Tell me how!!


Amy said...

That is so cute! You've got a good man in Dan. Congrats on being off the hard stuff for two months. I'm impressed. Lots of love.