Monday, June 15, 2009

Invites Will Be In The Mail In 7 Years

Adam and Halli's circus-themed wedding photo's are everywhere right now. I'm in LOVE.
I've decided that I want our 10 year anniversary (which won't be for another 7 years) to be like this, but smaller scale of course.

I love everything about it.
Hopefully the circus craze will be fading in 7 years and we won't look too trendy.
Plus, how cute would mini Kat and mini Dan look dressed up like circus goers from the 1930's?
So keep an eye out for your invite.

I wonder who I could talk into manning the kissing booth?


lindsey said...

i am so in for manning the kissing booth!

love and hugs for your monday!

Katherine said...

Ooh, I can't wait. :)

Parker said...


I think people will be lining up with their cash in hand for some kissing booth time with you.



Do you think I'll be able to talk teenager's Nicole and Tyler into dressing up? They might be too cool in 7 years to put up with their Auntie Kat.