Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lucky In Love

I love my boys.
That's all.


Katherine said...

LOVE that quilt---oh--and the boys too.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for dropping in my blog your more than welcome anytime,,love your dog,he's what caught my attention. Look's like my Heidi who's sadly not here any more.

lindsey said...

i love the photo! happy weekend wishes!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, It is early. I heard from Buffy yesterday. She is at a loss now that she completed her know how that is.....she went tube rafting on the Salt!!!I went to Sacrament yesterday. Annie got her place on Concord cleaned spotless. She lives in Montrose....a bit closer to work. I think she is worn out from starting a new job and moving. She will adjust...the bedroom at home is prepared for guest and family, of course. I love you and miss you. Mommy