Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Fell In LOVE With Him Over Fish And Chips

On our first date, Dan took me to Ivar's. You see, I fell in love with Seattle and my Daniel at the same time. Our story on how we met is rather lengthy and full of crossed path's but we did finally meet and we spent our courtship on the phone and in Seattle and Los Angeles.

This birdie was mean. I don't like feeding the mean birds ( I do anyway) but it seems like they are just greedy and awful. I think the cute, nice one's are more deserving of my french fries. I don't really get why they want french fries, don't they know that french fries are the devil's starchy fingers?

I love that we have this summer to reenact our first dates.
Here's to first kisses under full moons.

p.s. This was our first photo together. I'm reminiscing.


Katherine said...

I'm a little jealous that you got fish and chips. Those birds are mean and greedy, but do entertain. I love reminiscing.

Laura said...

Come reminisce over at The Gypsy Feet! I've been talking about nostalgia today... very reminiscy.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww......please tell us the love story!!!!!

trippin said...

I got your package today! I love it so so so much! i have acctualy been looking at them online for awile wishing i had them. they are from my favorite train. they work real good to , better than any of my other cars! it makes me feel bad beacase i have a package in my room that i have been meening to send to you but we never get around to it.

- devon

Amy said...

Those fish and chips sound yummy. Love the photos.

lindsey said...

i love this post! so sweet and romantic. mark and i first met at the radio station where we both worked. i was wearing this sexy white gauzy dress and was standing in the doorway. mark said he could see right through my dress. he thought i was a slut! it was hate at first sight. 26 years later we are still here...definitely to kisses under the moon and fish and chips!


Anonymous said...

You hair has grown a lot. Cute bob!