Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Date Wednesday

Dan took me on a date today.
We went to see Away We Go.
It was the perfect movie for us, right now.
If you're in your 30's and unsure of pretty much everything, then I think you will probably relate.
We went to The Frye Art Museum too.
We were able to see some of our favorites from the permanent collection and an exhibit on puppets.
It was nice to go out and forget about our worries for a few hours.
Bono was happy to see us when we came home.
He chilled in his chair and napped the day away.


Kristen said...

Ohh...that preview looked so good! Looking forward to seeing that one!

lindsey said...

in my 40's and pretty much unsure of everything! cannot wait to see it.


April D said...

looking forward to seeing this! miss u and your gorgeous self!