Friday, June 05, 2009

My baby sister Buffy is my dono loving friend. I don't think she eats them anymore but dono's always make me think of her. When she was young our Daddy would surprise her a dono on her pillow for a happy day wake-up call.
I hope to one day throw her a grand party full of pretties and dono's.
So, friends, go out and splurge.
You deserve it.
Have a dono and think of all things happy.
Do any of you have any special stories associated with dono's?
I love to hear stories.


Parker said...

My special dono story involves my Daddy. Go Figure. My Dad loved donuts. He was one of those cute little men that met up with his cronies everyday at the dono shop.
When I was in my early 20's, I got myself in a big funk. My Daddy would wake me up every morning and have me walk with him to the dono store. We would talk and he would listen to my woe's. Then he'd treat me to a dono. Then we would walk home and I would feel a little bit better.

My Dad was also the kind of man who would lock up dono's in his filing cabinet so he wouldn't have to share. He did share with his Buffy though.

Dan has that filing cabinet in his office now. I like to open the dono drawer and feel a little bit sneaky sometimes. Now the treats in the drawer are envelopes. Not as thrilling.


Anonymous said...

I like donuts.

Bono likes to share my apple fritter with me.

Bono likes donuts.


Anonymous said...

Dono's seemed to be a huge part of our and dad walking to dono store. Annie getting her finger slammed in the kitchen door and kat furiously riding her bike to find mom and dad at dono store. Result - kat having a huge asthma attack and annie getting iodine put on her finger at the heslops and I dont remember if kat even made it to the dono store. Did you?

Kristen said...

We used to go to a dono shop in Newbury Park called Almost Open 24/7 Doughnut shop. Long name for a little round thing. But my mom and I just called it "Almost Open." My grandpa used to sing me this song:

"I love you, I love you, I love you so well...
If I had a peanut I'd give you the shell.

I love you, I love you with all heart and soul, if I had a doughnut I'd give you the hole."

So sometimes we would go to his house and there would be a bag of doughnut holes on the counter and I KNEW that he loved me most of all!

Hooray for National Doughnut Day. I'll mark in on my calendar for next year!

Parker said...


I never made it, I had a flat tire.



Parker said...


I love dono stories.


Parker said...

Hmmmm, maybe Annie wrote that comment and not Buffy.

Midge said...

Boo Hoo, I can't have any. There is a yummy drive through shop by my house and mea nd ike liked to go there. Maybe in a few months aI can splurdge again.

Katherine said...

We celebrated National Donut day by going to buy donuts after the kids got out of school. I don't know that I really have a dono story. We never really went to the donut store that much when we were kids(there wasn't really one close by). But I can remember making donuts at home that were super yummy. We would also get to eat donuts and similar yummy stuff for breakfast whenever my grandparents from CA would visit. I always loved waking up to the smell of donuts and coffee when they were visiting. Hey, I guess I do have a dono story after all. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Yay! I do love doughnuts! Dad started me off young with white paper bags filled with doughnut holes. As I got older he graduated me to white paper bags filled with a single glazed, raised doughnut. I miss getting doughnuts on my pillow!