Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Downer Sally No More

I knew my downer Sally day was over when I found this pine cone shaped like a pretty rose.
I'm saving it for my Mommy.
I think she will treasure it.

Dan took us to one of our favorite places. Snoqualmie Falls is the perfect place to go on a sunny Washington afternoon.

Poor little Baby Bono had to wait in the car (NO CUTE PUPPIES ALLOWED) so we took a quick peak at the falls. I love feeling the mist on my face. Free Evian-like face spray is always a nice treat.

We were having so much fun. Then we hurried back to the truck and Baby Bono.
Then Dan realized he left the keys in the truck. Not good.

Thank goodness for AAA and patient Bono.
I think he is smirking at us.

He was only in the car for 20 minutes but we were so happy to have him out safe and sound.
p.s. The windows and sun-roof were cracked and he had water.

Since Baby Bono was such a patient puppy during our ordeal, we let him rub up against all kinds of smells and other what nots.
He is taking a bath tonight for sure.

We stopped to see the Twin Peaks tree and play on the train tracks.

I love my two boys so much.
They can make any Downer Sally day a Happy Kitty day.

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Katherine said...

So glad Bono's time in the car turned out to not be too long. The picture of him is the car is so funny. :) He cracks me up.