Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bono's Adventures

Bono is vacationing in style. Today he went to Open Books and the park. He looked at the Space Needle and said hello to all of the lounging park goers. He even shared a burger with Dan at Dick's Drive In.

Earlier this week he went to Boehm's Chocolate for the first time.
I think he liked this Kitty cat. Though he only went for the experience because Bono doesn't do chocolate.

Bono and Dan both like dono's.
I thought this big dono was fitting.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that today is national donut day?

Parker said...

I did Mr or Mrs Anonymous. How right on that you noticed. I had my dono splurge a day early and I was too excited that we found this dono statue to get Dan and Baby Bono to pose next to.
Happy Day.

Anonymous said...

HELLO...Its me Miss beepbeep..who else acknowledge dono day?

Parker said...

It had to be a Holling if dono's were involved.