Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yard Sale Treasure Hunt

Our little yard sale was a success.
We are so happy to have it over with.

It did have it's happy moments and we had many visitors.
Kru and Kallee Grace played dress up and entertained me big time.

April was the other half of our sale and she was delightful to work with.
She is so pretty, how could you not want to buy something from her?

Pretty Kallee Grace and April

Kru played super hero and blew bubbles.

We didn't bring anything back into the house.
Well, maybe a few things.
Our home is back in order and we are ready to lounge.

Happy Saturday Dear Friends


Kristen said...

No NOOO!!! You live across the street from a storage unit?! (insert full name which I will not disclose to the internet public here) Have you learned nothing from me? You must leave this place immediately. It is bad chi to live there. I don't even know what chi is but you are chi-chi enough to figure it out.

Glad to hear you had a great sale. Hope you made enough for a yummy dinner out that night - those things are rewarding but hard work.

lindsey said...

LOVE all the pictures. everyone looks so cute and happy. here's hoping you made oodles and oodles of moving money.


Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

I am so sad that I wasn't able to be at your yardsale! I know I would have scored...

Sam said...

Okay, I think I finally figured out where you live - not that I'm a stalker, but I get SUCH joy in seeing the Burg in the background of all your photos. If I'm right, you live (for now) right around the corner of a certain ministry where I used to work! Hurray! I'm glad to read of a successful garage sale...who doesn't love a garage sale?

Katherine said...

So glad the yard sale went well. I would have loved to have been there. It was probably one of the nicest yard sales ever. Love the aprons you and your cute friend April have on.