Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stick Shifts And Safety Belts.
Bucket Seats Have All Got To Go.

We are lounging in a motel in Oklahoma. Thank goodness we are out of the truck.
We have been on the move but we have had some fun too.
Dan and I played with our cousin's dune buggy on the farm in Missouri.
We picked up some furniture for my Mommy and visited with family.
We went to Lambert's for throwed rolls.
But now, we're down to business.
We don't have time to piddle paddle.
The truck is making a pit stop in California and we hope to take a little break there.
Then we're off to our new home.
We Miss You All So Very Much.


Katherine said...

Good to hear from you. I've been wondering how you all were.:) I've never seen Oklahoma.

Lynley said...

did you know they have a lambert's in the south too? it's in gulf shores, al if you ever wanted that piece of information. for when you come back in a few years.


Parker said...

Pretty Lynley,

We've been to the Gulf Shores Lamberts too. Dan will go to great lengths to go there. He get's the hog jowl's. Not my thing! I like the rolls and the sweet potatoes. We will miss our Southern HOT SPOTS so very much. Miss you.