Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shrimp-N-Grits and Bear Cuddles

We took a break from packing and went to Shrimp-N-Grit Wednesday at The Pastry Garden.
I like to act like I'm not going anywhere because that makes it easier for me.
Really, I am super sad about leaving my little Hinton family. So sad that I plan to avoid as much confrontation as possible. I love them too much.

Will and Michelle are adorable. They have been amazing friends to us. We are so sad about leaving them. I've considered moving in with them and living with their puppy Poppy.

Pretty Michelle and I are PRETTY.

Jim is Jim.
I don't talk about him because it makes me sad.

Mommy and Dad CJ really liked their shrimp-n-grits.

Jeff and Daniel are silly. We are always entertained.

Linda is so wonderful and nice. She is wearing my favorite apron. I think she looks lovely.

And my dear customer gave me a special goodbye.
I will miss them so much.

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Bonnie and Nick said...

Pretty Kitty,

I love Pastry gardens shrimp and grits! There are some combinations that you don't think look appetizing until you experience them in the south! I wouldn't have tried it otherwise. ;)