Tuesday, May 05, 2009


April and I spent the evening sharing treasures last night. She has quite the treasure chest.
April has a true gift for finding treasures and displaying them.
She loves all things sentimental, items that have a story.
Just like me. I think that is one of the many reasons that we are friends.
That and she sang me a song, I love her for that.

This gem of a table was her Grandparents. They sat at it when they were first married.

Her Uncle painted this lovely painting. I love the dark colors and the red parasol.

April, is a Southern Belle. I think her apron display showcases that.

I bet you all want one of these jewelry hangers.

Old advertisements in the kitchen make a kitchen pretty.

So do precious handmade gifts from family and friends.
April's sister made her this reversible apron.
It is so fancy.

April, I love you.
I think you are the prettiest Southern Belle I know.
p.s. I'm going to miss you like crazy and I promise to be on the look out for April treasure to send your way.


Anonymous said...

You're too kind. I am gonna miss you alot just so you know, and yes, for selfish reasons, because I still need you - but we will have each other always and I'm so glad for that and for yours and Dans time here. :)

Kitty said...



love, love, love,


lindsey said...

am loving all the april treasures. especially the aprons!


Katherine said...

I love all of that about April too. That's all so cool---and reminds me so much of you. Sad to leave nice April.