Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Final Sunday Afternoon Adventure Drive In Mississippi

Dan's parents gave me a Southern Miss t-shirt. I've been so happy and proud of my Daniel and I've been wearing it all weekend. I think it will be a treasure.
Thank you Mom and Dad.

We were driving on Highway 49 and noticed that Shady Acres was closed for Mother's Day. This made it the perfect time to get some photo's of one of our favorite places.

We love to go here and escape things.
Dan gets Dan things and I get tomato sandwiches.
We will miss it.

Mommy and Dad CJ are my arm candy.

I think my Mommy had a lovely Mother's Day. All of her little chick-a-dee's called her. We rented Benjamin Button for her to watch.
I think she was a happy two-legged Mommy.

Sadly, Dan's parents had to leave on Sunday morning so they missed out on the adventure.
They were in the air flying back to Washington.
We missed them.


Katherine said...

So glad you had a good Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Get me one of those t-shirts...I want it