Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, How We'll Miss You.

We had a small graduation/going away party after the graduation ceremony.

Many of our good friends were able to come.
Sweet Genevieve stopped by with a few cute little girls.
We were part of her daughters birthday slumber party activities.
I love birthday slumber parties.
It was cute to see them running around in our backyard.
Genevieve, I love you.

Baby Max and I had some bonding time.

The Klingers stopped by and we were so happy that they did.
They are wonderful.

Michelle has been a dear friend to me. She is in the program with Dan. We have spent many evenings together. I look up to her so much.
She is an amazing person and teacher.

We love you Michelle and Jeff. Will, we wish you could have been here.

My dear friends: Michael, Leigh Ann, and Sarah came to celebrate with us.
I was so touched.
These sweet friends were my co-workers at Cellular South.
They made the 8 months I spent there fun.
I will always remember the introduction to the South they gave me.
They made me feel included when I felt like the biggest outcast.
I love you guys.
Thank you for coming. I was so happy to see you.

Pretty Emma and Elise are always the little party princesses.

Elise took a liking to Pretty April. They had strawberry moments.

Neil and Suzanne have been wonderful friends to us.
Suzanne was one of the first people I met when we got here.
I was so thankful and surprised that Mississippi had a girl like me already.
She is a kindred spirit.

I love you Suzanne.
Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

April was the last to leave. I think she may be the hardest for me to say goodbye to.
I love this girl so much.
She and I have been through a lot together.
I cherish every moment we have had.

We love you, dear April.

We feel so blessed to have such lovely friends.
I hope they all know that our home is open to them always.
Wherever we are, they have a place to hang their hat.

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Katherine said...

It's fun to see all of your nice friends. What a beautiful table you set. Makes me a little hungry.