Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Southern Tutors

My first job here in Mississippi was at Cellular South. My position was called Customer Flow. Dan thought that was so funny. I was the greeter. I didn't really like my job but I loved the people I met there. They taught me all about the South. Dear Alfred, saved me from many angry customers and became one of my dearest friends. He appreciated me and I am so thankful for the time I had with him.

Dear Sarah always included me. She and I became good friends. She was the kind of friend who would cover for me when I needed a potty break. She was always there to watch my back.
I love this girl. She is amazing.

Rod, dear Rod. He is a man with a plan. He is going to go far. This dear man sang a song to me on my last day of work. I will never forget that.

Pretty Leigh Ann is so PRETTY. She is a newlywed. This young lady is the kind of lady you want to have as a best friend. She is FUN.
I love you Leigh Ann. I will never forget your New York stories.

And Michael, my official Southern tutor. This lovely man was my side-kick/boss. He is one of those Southern gentlemen who can tell stories that you will never forget. He came in one day telling us about how he fought a snake in his carport, I think the snake won.
Thank you Dear Cellular South Friends, I will never forget you.
love, love, love

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Katherine said...

What nice friends from Cellular South.