Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Wish I Lived On Parker Road

We went on another Sunday adventure drive. This one was a mini one at twilight.
We found Parker Road.
My Daddy wanted to name me Parker, after Parker, Idaho where my Grandmother was born.
My Mommy didn't really like it back then.
I think it has grown on her.
My Daddy and I thought about having my name legally changed when I was in high school but I think that would have been sad.

Dan likes the name Parker. So, you never know, someday there may be a little Parker.

Speaking of little...

My Mommy made a request.
"You should put up the pic of you when you were a toddler on the railroad tracks in the Trail of Tears your little blue with white flowers dress. Do a compare and contrast pic."
When Mommy makes a request on my blog. I make it happen.


Kristen said...

You are so cute. I think there should definitely be a little Parker!

lindsey said...

you have been in quite the colorful mood! LOVE it. i adore the baby picture. your sunday sounded fabulous.


Katherine said...

Cute little picture of you. I want to see you bending over on the tracks in the same way. :) I didn't know the background on the name Parker. I hope someday that there is a little Parker---that would be so sweet.