Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Thoughts and Wishes Requested

We have 4 days to pack up our little dollhouse.
I'm sad, overwhelmed, anxious, and worried.
I need all the wishes and happy thoughts you can spare.
I think it will help.
love you,
Overwhelmed Packing Kitty


lindsey said...

YES! happy thoughts and wishes sent your direction. take baby steps. remember to laugh. to breathe. and crying and swearing is allowed. if that doesn't work, chocolate milk and the music of rufus wainwright! you two can handle being the new kids on the block. happy packing. here's to your new chapter - unscripted.


Katherine said...

Happy thought to you! Getting packed to go on a small trip is overwhelming to me sometimes. I know moving is NO FUN---and saying goodbye to everyone and everything is overwhelming too. I'm thinking about you. I wish I could help somehow.