Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Katherine

Dear Katherine,
Thank you for being such a wonderful sister-in-law. I love how you are so loving with your family. You inspire me in so many ways. I admire you for taking on quilting and I hope to have you teach me a few things about it one day. Thank you for being such a great sister.
I love you so much.
Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katherine.
You're the best sister in the whole world.


Katherine said...

Oh wow!! Thanks! As I was scrolling through your blog it startled me for a second when I saw my picture. You're super nice! Thank you for you kind comments--and on FB. You are a wonderful SIL--I love having you in the family. Dan--thanks for your comments too:). Super nice. I've always known I was your favorite sister.