Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie Bannie Beep Beep

My little sister Annie is having a birthday today.
This is Annie on her first birthday. Benner and I were waiting for her to blow out her candle so we could get to the cake.

This is another birthday on Grandma and Grandpa's farm in Missouri.
I think Annie already got to the cake.

Grandpa loved his little Annie Bear.

Happy Birthday Dear Annie.
You are the prettiest of the pretty.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,ANNIE!!!!! Your birth was a joyous event. Your dad and I planned to have you at home with a midwife and doctor who specialized in home births. Being in my own bed in familiar surroundings helped me to feel more relaxed. You were born within five hours or so of the first contraction. The doctor handed you to dad, but I quickly took you into my arms. Dad gave you your first bath......what a lovely Mother's Day present you are. I love you So Very Much. Your very own two legged Mommy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Annie-Bannie-Beep-Beep!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ME! Thank you for the birthday it

That must have been the first year we used that nubby candle. I think it still has a couple more years on it (see first pic)

Mom - thanks for the blog bday wishes but CALL ME!! I'm supposed to get my birth story in person...sheez.

Anonymous said...


I'll call you at 1:15.

Mommy Bear

Anonymous said...

You typed that last post for Mom, huh? lol. It's a Kat thing to suffix names with "bear".

Yeah, the nubby candle! I loved that thing even if I was always on the wrong age. Happy packing to Mom, CJ, Kat, and Dan. Happy birthday wishes to Annie! Oh, and break a leg, Annie. You'll do great!