Thursday, May 07, 2009

Graduation Preparations And Celebrating

We have been busy preparing for Dan's big day. He graduates "officially" tomorrow afternoon.
Our parents were able to be here with us to celebrate and run last minute errands.

We went up to campus and visited Dan's favorite kitty. They chat daily and Dan will miss him.

We walked around and went to the bookstore. Dad CJ decided that he would rather sit and people watch. He informed us that students really like to wear flip flops here in Mississippi.

Dan picked up his cap and gown and we looked at all of the overpriced school garb.

Then we went to Bob's for Dan's celebratory treat.
He loves the Big Bubba.

Mommy, Dad CJ, Mom, and Dad all really enjoyed their goodies.

Later, we went to Leatha's Barb-B-Que.
Dan couldn't miss out on another visit to Leatha's!

My Mommy has been in the best mood. I can't figure out if it is because Dan is graduating or because she is newly retired. Either way, she is a happy and that makes me happy.

To top the day off we went to the graduate reading.
Dan did a lovely job.
We are all so proud of him.

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Katherine said...

So fun to see pictures of the nice parents. What a fun time for all of you. How nice of Bop's to congratulate Dr. Dan that way.:)