Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation Highlights

What a happy day!
Dan is officially finished with school.

Pretty Tory was able to get down to the floor and snap this priceless photo of Angela, Dan, and Richard.

We met up under that magnolia tree and it was the perfect place to snap photo's.
We are all so proud of Daniel.
Dad CJ was, as always, a lady magnet in his fancy dress up clothes.

Dan's parents have helped us so much.
I imagine that seeing your son graduate with his PhD is a very special moment.

My parents couldn't have been happier.

Dan sat in the front row and I had to squint to see him.
But, I was so happy for him.
I could have jumped for joy when it was over.

It still doesn't seem like it's over.
I imagine it will hit us in a few weeks.


Katherine said...

I don't feel like it's over either. I'm going to miss you blogging from MS.

April D said...

I laughed outloud when you said you jumped for joy when it was over. HA! That was really funny and good.