Monday, May 04, 2009

Dr. Dan,
I am so proud of you.

My lovely husband is graduating with his PhD this Friday.
Things have been so busy and I just really need him to know how proud of him I am.
He is amazing.
The past three years have been so busy and Dan has always kept me as his #1.
I truly feel like the luckiest lady and I am beaming for him right now.
I love you Dan.
You are my whole world.


trippin said...

Congratulations Dan!!! I can't believe you guys are through with Mississippi. It was fun visiting with you there, but I am happy you will be closer. Sarah and I want to come visit you in Cali. How long will you be there?

lindsey said...

bravo and congratulations dan!!! but beware, you know you are close to being dangerously overeducated now!! :) here's to dreaming big and not playing it safe. thank you for sharing the journey.

love and hugs

julie said...

Congratulations Dan....And hugs to both of you