Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Busy Bee's Who Don't Like Saying Goodbye

Today was crazy busy. We have been shopping for our upcoming party, cleaning our house, grading papers, and running around like silly kids. We did have some relaxing time with Susan (our favorite hair stylist and friend). She prettied us up and made us feel special. If your ever in Hattiesburg and need a makeover find Susan at The Village Salon. She'll treat you like a princess or a hot fox. It was hard saying goodbye to my Susan. She has made many bad days better with her magic skills.

Another happy moment was when Will came over to give Dan a SURPRISE.
I know you can't see it here. But, Daniel and William look cute so I had to share.

He gave him this caricature of Dan with his two favorite poets, Theodore Roethke and Richard Hugo. The best thing about it was that his friends signed it like it was a yearbook.
I think Dan was really moved. I know this will be in our home forever and we will treasure it always.
Thank you Susan, Will, Richard, Michelle, and Jeff.
We think you are the bee's knees.
p.s. I love this.


lindsey said...

saying goodbye is always bittersweet. have been reveling in all your posts. time is flying by this week. wishing you and dan glamorous new adventures. i think you need to come up with kat's rules for saying goodbye! sweet graduation wishes.


p.s. - love dan's caricature!

Katherine said...

What nice and thoughtful friends! I'm sure Dan loved that. It would be very hard to leave Susan. She really does a great job. I hope you can find another "Susan" in your new home.