Thursday, May 21, 2009


Greetings from New Mexico.
We are safe and happy for the most part.
Thank goodness my parents are driving my Cammy behind the moving truck (which is hauling Dan's truck). We have been quite the team of four.
There have been a few setbacks.
We locked the keys in the truck on the Texas/New Mexico border.
Dad CJ sprained his wrist in Oklahoma.
We've seen way too many dead armadillo's.
Why can't I see a cute little armadillo who is still living?


lindsey said...

you are passing through my old stomping grounds. i grew up in albuquerque. here's to getting your kicks on route 66. pretend i'm waving to you as you pass through gallup into arizona! i hope no more mishaps, or roads sprinkled with dead armadillos - just nice surprises. happy thursday wishes.


Giuli said...

If you happen to come the southern route on I10, PLEASE come say hi to us. We are only about a 1/2 hour from the freeway, and you have a place to stay.

Giuli said...

Oh yeah, our phone number is 404-271-8401.

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

When Roger and I were moving to TX, we locked our keys in the moving van too. Actually, they weren't really locked in, we found them after all of the hassel involved in opening a locked truck with no keys. They were under the Oreo's in the room.

Lynley said...

they're nocturnal and not very nice to plants as they like to burrow. which is a wonder as to why they're out on the hwy? hmmm. maybe they come up to get bugs.

Katherine said...

Thanks for blogging on your way. I've seen way too many dead armadillos in this life too. They seemed to decorate so many of the roads in Louisiana. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a cute little alive armadillo either.

Kitty said...

I waved back at you.
love love love.


We came out on the 40, so we missed you. That sucks. I would have loved to see you and Jack. I would have been beyond happy to see Baby Max who I imagine is getting to be quite the little man.
love you

I think those Oreo's were taking good care of your keys. Hey, I can't wait to see you. Soon, sister-girl.


Have you seen one alive?

Do you think your parents will be excited to see Baby Bono?
Love you