Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Dad CJ took Mommy and me to Carlsbad to see The Flower Fields.

The flowers were beautiful. I think the best thing about the outing was seeing my Mommy happy. She has been having a hard time lately.

Dad CJ is the best Step Dad. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I really do think of him as a Dad and I feel so lucky.
Dad CJ, I love you.

When Dad CJ told us about the fields of flowers, he said you could see them from the freeway. He forgot to mention that the last time he saw them was 30 years ago. Now, you see car dealerships from the freeway. The fields were bigger 30 years ago.

Dad CJ asked to make sure he was right.

What a cute pair. I want to hug them and put them in my pocket.

Dad CJ's hip started to bother him so Mommy and I explored on our own.

We looked at the California Poppy's and the field workers. Mommy ran around in the fields and pretended to be back on the farm in Missouri.

We decided that we had to take some flowers home.

Especially after seeing how much work goes into gathering them.

We found Dad CJ right where we left him in the rose garden.
He read the pamphlet about the farm so he told us all sorts of facts about it.
We had the most fun.


Katherine said...

Fun! The flowers look so great all bunched up in a bouquet like that. What cute parents too!

Anonymous said...

'If you're a flower, I'm a flower'