Saturday, April 04, 2009

Twinkies In The Mornin'

Jim and Dan deep fried Twinkies this morning.

They covered them in pancake batter.

Then they dipped them in the deep fryer (they dipped some Snickers bars too).

Dan was so excited to finally have a deep fried Twinkie and Snickers bar.

He really liked them.
p.s. I am almost into my jeans from when we got married. No Twinkies and Snickers bars for me.


lindsey said...

i'll one up you - a deep fried mars bar. YUM! i would have had no willpower.


Anonymous said...

I'd be down with that. Now that I know the process, just give me some time and I'll fry that up too.


Kristen said...

What about a fried Kit Kat? Fried Milky Way?

Good girl Kat - that is enough frying to make me sick - twinkies? My boys would be in heaven but that sounds like an easy one to resist!

Are you moving back to Monrovia? For how long? Kj is moving back to NP - sad.

Katherine said...

I don't know that I couldn't have resisted at least taking a bite. Good for you! I actually don't care for the deep frying---or even the twinkie. I just want the snickers bar.