Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip To The LA County Arboretum With The Girls

I was escorted through the arboretum by some of my favorite ladies. Kristie, Baby L, Anna, and Baby K invited me for a day of fun. I have fond memories of the arboretum. It is close to my house and my Mommy would take us there when we were young. The peacocks like to escape and on occasion they would make it up to our neighborhood. Not very often. But still.

Baby L is very social and ready to explore the world.

She took me on a tour of the rock garden.

She loved to jump up on the rocks. With a little help.

Baby K is in love with her Mommy Anna.

This sculpture reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy. I love the light in the photos.

Aren't my friends pretty?!

We took a lot of photos, you can see them here.

It was a lovely day. The sky was clear and the view of the Foothills was beautiful.
I had the most fun.
Thank you for inviting me dear friends.
I love you all so much
Auntie Kat

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