Friday, April 24, 2009

These Girls Have Ears

Disneyland is my favorite place. I grew up going there and I feel that many of my fondest memories take me back to its magic. Karyn works there. She has been there for over 10 years.

This was the visit to get our first pair of Mickey ears.

I think they set the tone for our day of magic and wonderment.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse started dancing right in front of me.
That never happens. Well, I was at the front of the crowd and THAT never happens.

It was a busy Spring Break kind of day so we decided to walk around to our favorite Disney spots and have a long leisurely lunch. It was a low stress kind of day. Perfect for girlfriend bonding time.

Dan was there in spirit (he always is) I carried around his special present (which will be making an official appearance soon).

We wore our ears all day. We even wore them to Sephora in Downtown Disney after leaving the park. Hard Core.

I had my chocolate covered frozen banana from the only place in the park where I like to eat them: next to the water, across from Tom Sawyer's Island, outside of New Oleans Square.

I visited my favorite place in the park. Snow White's wishing well. The same spot where Dan asked me to marry him.

We made wishes.

I made a few wishes.

We listened to Snow White sing, "I'm wishing...for the one I find me..."

Karyn and I toured the castle. They finally reopened it. I guess Sleeping Beauty really needed some alone time.

You have to take a photo with the castle.

I think we had the best Karyn and Kat day at Disneyland yet.
Thanks Karyn.

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Katherine said...

Love Dan's gift---it's perfect for him. What a fun day. The best days at Disneyland are when you're not trying to squeeze everything in. Fun for you and Karyn.