Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Adventure Drive

Things are coming to a close here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We are chin deep in our moving and graduation party preparations.

We have mixed feelings about it. Hattiesburg has been a place of growth for us. Our first three years of marriage were spent here. I heard someone say that you don't find yourself until you go to a place where no one knows you.

I found myself in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


lindsey said...

am loving the black and white photo. and your train cases. very appropriate. here's to discovering those other sides to you and dan on your next journey. ENJOY that ride as well. know that you have so many people rooting for you!

much love

Amy said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up again on your adventures. You make me laugh. I'm so happy to see you so happy. Your passion for the little things is so inspiring. I miss you so much. You look absoulely stunning in your photos. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Your are too cute with your little suitcases and all. I love you. Mommy

Kristen said...

I wrote a message but it didn't show up. I LOVE those train station pictures!!! You are so lucky to have gone on such a grand adventure. Can't wait to see what is in store for you next!