Friday, April 24, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

Karyn and I went to the Santa Monica Pier after our lovely dinner with my parents.

It was sad that the original Ferris Wheel had been replaced but we enjoyed our walk on the pier just the same.

It was chilly and windy but the view was beautiful.


Well, we braved the chincy though modernized ferris wheel and went for a spin.

Karyn loved it. She took photos and let her hair blow in the wind.

I on the other hand...

Was not as brave.

After I relaxed a bit, I enjoyed the views. It is a great thing to do, at least once.
I think next time, I'll wander around on the pier and people watch instead.


Katherine said...

I love original stuff too. You took really great pictures.

lindsey said...

this post makes me want to buy my own ferris wheel!

love and hugs