Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, How I Wish We Had HBO

Then I wouldn't miss out on shows like Flight of the Conchords and Grey Gardens.

We went to Santa Monica to celebrate Karyn's birthday. We passed this billboard on the way. I'm sure it's in no way as cool as the original Grey Gardens but I'm fascinated just the same. I have a love/hate relationship with Miss Drew. I loved her in my twenties. She was my style icon in many ways. But now, I think she is a bit of a sell out. I think it's the make-up commercials that give me that impression. I'm hoping that her version of Little Edie changes my opinion.

CJ and Mommy took us out to Earth, Wind, and Flour. They have wonderful salads.

This gave us the opportunity to celebrate Karyn's birthday. Karyn is like a member of the family and it was so nice to have a special family outing with her. She is about to go to Ireland for a month long vacation. We heard all about her vacation plans and we can't wait to hear about how the trip goes. I hope she meets an Irish bloke and has a romantic rendezvous.

Happy Belated Birthday Karyn.
We love you so much.

p.s. This is what I plan to wear when we Netflix Grey Gardens. I think I'll do Little Edie's dance for Dan too. That should be a good time.


Midge said...

Sorry you missed it. It's worth a watch. Drew did really good in parts and in other parts she was very drew. I'm sure it will be in DVD soon enough. You look cute as little edie.

lindsey said...

i make a great little edie. jessica lange and drew barrymore were phenomenal. it was desperately sad and brilliant at the same time. we've got the original ordered on netflix. also, karyn will have a blast in ireland. my daughter was there last summer for about 5 days. she loved dublin. tell her she also needs to go kiss the blarney stone.


Katherine said...

Do little Edie's dance for me too sometime. I need to eat at that restaurant. I know I would Love it.