Monday, April 06, 2009

My Favorite Dan Poem For This Week

Cedar Waxwing

It hit the glass door and that
was it. Its air theatrics
have come to a drastic halt.
Now motionless
on the concrete. If birds slept
on their sides, surely this one
would be sleeping, dreaming
of flying in the open, away from
deceptions, reaching for air
and pushing it away.

Dan Morris


Katherine said...

Ooh--I like that one too. Post more.

Stephanie said...

That's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I've ran into glass doors too. I totally get it.

lindsey said...

dan - i love your poetic voice. it has its own distinctive personality. vulnerable, passionate, genuine. worth devouring over and over. will treasure my autographed copy of "following the day." thank you both! anxious for more...