Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Favorite Dan Poem For This Week #2

On the southwest corner of the auditorium,
the solitary tomcat smoothes his fur.
He does not acknowledge passers by
save my pause to look at him, to which

he takes great offence, retreating
to the space between the brick wall
and shrubs where he stops and stares
hard, his eyes big like light bulbs.

I tell him I want to be his friend, that he
and I would get along well, if he’d only
let me pat his head. He wants none
of it, his disapproval building in his throat.

Dan Morris


lindsey said...

this post makes me smile. it has to be about one of the millions of stray cats taking up residence at usm! such an apt description.


Kitty said...

Dan loves those kitties. We go on kitty hunt drives around campus often. The first one to see a kitty is the big winner. He loves them. I think they're pretty cute too, but, I'm allergic. Dan thinks the kitties like me more because I can't get close to them. Sassy Cat's are funny that way. I love it.